Chi sono - Who I am

Marco tends to build a close relationship with a relatively small group of associates. Loyalty and being a team player are usually his goals. He can be open, patient and tolerant of differences. His natural quality of being nonjudgmental is a great strength. Others see him as a good neighbor, since he is always willing to help those he considers to be his friends. Marco prefers to help and support others rather than compete against them. Outwardly, he may appear to be totally accepting of others. He may, however, have deep convictions that are not apparent to others. He likes to win through persistence. He uses his strong, steady tendencies to accomplish his goals. At times, Marco would like to slow the world down and cut out some of the activities people want him involved in.

Marco usually is considerate, compassionate and accepting of others; however, on some occasions can become stubborn. Stubbornness surfaces when his ideals and beliefs are confronted. He does not enjoy confrontation for confrontation's sake. He will be open with those he trusts; however, reaching the required trust level may take time. Marco likes a friendly, open style of communication. He is quick to pick up on group dynamics and skilled in fitting in with a group. He brings both speaking and listening skills to the group. He is not easily triggered or explosive, but he may conceal some grievances because he doesn't always state his feelings.

When communicating with Marco,
  • Be prepared.
  • Provide solid, tangible, practical evidence.
  • Keep conversation at discussion level.
  • Present your case softly, non threateningly with a sincere tone of voice.
  • Support your communications with correct facts and data.
  • Be sincere and use a tone of voice that shows sincerity.
  • Don't talk in a loud voice or use confrontation.
  • Don't rush him in the decision-making process.
  • Don't manipulate or push him into agreeing.
  • Don't talk to him when you're extremely angry.
  • Don't be domineering or demanding; don't threaten with position power.
  • Don't use testimonies from unreliable sources.
(from my DISC assessment)

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