Multipliers, Liz Wiseman

Assorted quotes.

"People are often "overworked and underutilized"."

"people across cultures [...] come to work every day hoping to be well utilized [...] through the recognition that they are capable of contributing in significant ways and doing progressively more challenging work."

"Some leaders seemed to drain intelligence and capability out of the people around them. Their focus on their own intelligence and their resolve to be the smartest person in the room had a diminishing effect on everyone else."

"It isn't how much you know that matters. What matters is how much access you have to what other people know."

"In any organization, there are Talent Magnets, people who attract the best talent, utilize it to its fullest, and ready it for the next stage."

The owners of Hexal "believed that if an idea got support from a lot of people, it was a good idea."

"Corporate environments and modern organizations are the perfect setup for diminishing leaders and have a certain built-in tyranny."

"The highest quality of thinking cannot emerge without learning. Learning can't happen without mistakes."

"Matt was a pole vaulter at college. He set one bar at 17 feet, 6 inches, which is what he knew he could clear, and always kept a second bat set at 20 feet -the world record at the time- to remind himself of what was possible."

"We often think burnout is a result of working too hard; more often burnout occurs when people are merely doing more of the same or when they can't see the results of their hard work."

"Jim Barksdale, former CEO of Netscape, was well-known for saying, "If you don't have any facts, we'll just use my opinion."

"When we let nature take its course and allow people to experience the natural consequences of their actions, they learn most rapidly and most profoundly."

"As leaders, sometimes the faster we run, the lower others walk. When leaders set the pace, they are more likely to create spectators than followers."

Dealing with diminishers: "Create an internal or external advisory board [...] Find a safe sounding board - colleagues where you can test your ideas [...] Build a cheering squad [...]."

"People can serve as Multipliers from any direction, even upward to a diminishing supervisor." "It works in 360 degrees, with everyone around you. It is the hallmark of the Invincible Contributor - the individual who is undeterred by otherwise dinimishing superiors or depleting colleagues and who steadily performs at his or her highest level no matter what".

"People cannot change others, only themselves."

"Leaders with a small number of strenghts are viewed more highly than leaders who have a broad base of capabilities."